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Babylon RIM II

Babylon RIM at Tripod: the Phoenix Project. Our last best chance... for survival

A couple of months ago, Babylon RIM disappeared from the web after I transfered to another college. But Babylon RIM hadn't said it's last word. A new, shinny beacon, all alone, on the web, showed a faint hope of survival. Everything had been saved to a friend's account. The only problem left to solve is getting the pictures back up. Right now only the text has survived. One day, Babylon RIM will be back... with a vengence.

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BABYLON R.I.M II - COME IN NOW! The Army of Light:
Sector 14 Time Rift:
Babylon Project:
Centauri Republic:
Centauri Technology:
Earth Alliance:
Earth Technology:
Babylon Independence:
League of Non-Aligned Worlds:
Minbari Federation:
Minbari Technology:
Narn Regime (Annexed):
Narn Technology:
Shadow Realms:
Shadow Technology:
Vorlon Empire:
Vorlon Technology:
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